The Greatest Gambler That Ever Lived; Kerry Packer

The Greatest Gambler That Ever Lived; Kerry Packer

Kerry Packer was an Australian business mogul that was famous for not only chasing deals, but his love for gambling. He not only loved it, he was one of the biggest whales the gambling world had seen. Kerry was known to win huge and would also lose huge. We’re talking losses that go up to the millions. His favourite game was blackjack. You can learn more about Blackjack and other gambling games at Bingo Mummy. Kerry gambled when he was bored, and he was bored quite often.

The beginning

Packer began gambling in the 80s. In 1987, he lost $19 million in a night at the Ritz. This was just 2 months after selling Nine. Packer was dubbed the Prince of Whales due to his exploits in London and Vegas casinos in the 80s and 90s. He was regarded as one of the biggest gamblers in the world.

In that legendary 1987 $19 million loss at the Ritz, Parker was playing blackjack. Eyewitnesses state that he played two tables at once that night moving from one to the next to place his bets. He played all seven hands at each table and staked $24,000 per hand. He kept signing casino house cheques requesting for more chips of up to $473,000 a time. He got tired of signing his name after a while choosing to hand over a £1 million cheque instead.

In London, there were only 3 or 4 casinos that could handle Packer at a time due to the large amounts he demanded to bet in. It could go one of either way for a casino. If the whale lost, a dull financial year could be completely transformed or if he won, he could hijack their entire profits. As funny as that sounds, it could also be very dangerous. The casino can get shut down like what happened in 1990 with the Aspinalls Club in London. Kerry Packer is said to have gambled there a week earlier and won £300,000 ($709,000). A classic case of ‘You’re winning too much’.

This can be quite the ego boost for anyone in such a position. If you thought that gave you an ego boost, then see this. Every time Packer was on his way to a casino, the casino would request that he alert them when he is 30 minutes away so that they could get things ready for him. The casinos would have a red carpet waiting for him. He’d arrive accompanied by a party of 7 or 8, although he was always at the tables alone. As he walked the floor, staff would communicate over a channel alerting each other ‘He’s in.’

He would show little emotion when he won, but was always incredibly cranky whenever he lost. This was especially if he was back in Australia betting at the racetrack.


Casinos in Vegas also have their own share of stories about Packer. There’s that time at the Hilton when Packer won $7 million in one night playing blackjack. He left Hilton laughing that day, but the next year the hotel recovered this money when Packer lost $10 million in a two-day session. In 1995, he won $20 million at the MGM Grand. What started off as playing eight hands at $250,000 per hand, got to $25 million within 40 minutes. He left the casino that night with a $1 million tip for the dealers.

This whale wasn’t just one of the best gamblers, he was one of the best tippers and no one knows this better than the dealers, waitresses and casino staff members who served him.


TP Outdoor Climbing Frames and Wooden Swings

TP Outdoor Climbing Frames and Wooden Swings

TP outdoor climbing frames and wooden swings The award winning Sherwood range of wooden climbing frames and swing sets by TP made from pressure treated pine and galvanised steel. Round timber sourced from managed forests. Winner of a gold star in the Right Start best toy awards 2003.

Sherwood Triple Swing Set Ref: TP7A

Wooden Swing Set Includes:

TP808 Sherwood Triple Swing Arm
TP805 Sherwood Swing Legset
TP933 Pirate Boat
TP774 Duo Ride Brackets (2 in total)
TP923 Trapeze bar and rings
TP937 Nursery Swing Seat
Add the swing accessories of your choice if you prefer.
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The Ultimate Sherwood

The Ultimate Sherwood Ref: TP8

Suitable for children from 3-14 years this ultimate wooden climbing frame includes the following:
TP815 Sherwood Tower featuring two extra roomy platforms on different levels and a somersault bar.
TP810 Sherwood Outpost
TP818 Sherwood Ladder
TP820 Sherwood Climbing Hoops
TP694 Giant Slide
TP927 Steering Wheel
TP817 Sherwood Rigging
TP010 Hand Grills
TP808 Sherwood Swing Arm
TP744 x 3 Attatchment Brackets
TP879 Skyride
TP933 Pirate Boat
TP870 De Luxe Swing Seat
Add the swing accessories of your choice if you prefer.

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Price: £1,234.70 Including VAT at 17.5%

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First People to have Ascended the Complete Nile

First People to have Ascended the Complete Nile

They’ve done it

British and New Zealand Expedition Team find the longest source of the Nile!

Ascend the Nile, the British/New Zealand Expedition team have reached the longest source of the Nile. They did so at 9.27 Rwanda time (8.27 BST). In doing so they became the first to pinpoint the longest source of the Nile, located deep in the Nyungwe Forest in Rwanda, East Africa and the first people to have ascended the complete Nile from sea to source.

The team travelled over 6,700km in three, tiny 4m boats, survived a rebel attack which killed one of their aides and overcame huge obstacles including the crash of their Flying RIB, massive rapids, crocodile charges, serious tropical diseases and horrendous logistics.

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They have spent 80 days on the River Nile and been through five African countries. The last part of the Expedition saw them abandon their tiny boats and trek some 70km through thick Forest, sometimes being forced to wade in the fast running Nile.

In reaching the source Neil McGrigor and his New Zealand team mates, Cam McLeay and Garth MacIntyre have not only located the longest source’s precise position they have also achieved a number of other world firsts.

The first and longest journey in the 4m inflatable boats known as Zap Cats.

The first to re-measure the entire length of the Nile. The Ascend the Nile team now believe it to be at least 107 km longer than previously thought, an interesting thought for compilers of school atlases and encyclopaedias!

The first non inhabitants to travel through and map the Sudd, a vast swamp in Sudan.

The team will now travel to the Rwandan capital Kigali where a hero’s welcome will greet them. Hundreds of local people have been flooding down to the river as the team passed in the Zap Cats. At one stage the team were forced to erect a fence around their camp as the crowds kept getting bigger and bigger as news of their arrival spread

The Rwandan Government has supported the team since they entered the country and has been quick to acknowledge the team’s incredible achievements. The Nyungwe Forest is an important part of their fledgling tourism industry. This Expedition and discovery will also reinforce the positive image which the country is trying to build

Minutes after Neil McGrigor arrived at the source he said” It’s an awesome achievement by the whole team. The planning and preparation has all paid off. My thanks go to everyone who has made this possible and especially the guides and local people who are with us now at the source.”

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