If you’re moving it’s vitally important that you take the proper steps to lift correct and use the proper tools for your move. Obviously we’d love to help you out, and you can contact us here, however if you’ve decided that you’re going to be doing the work on your own here are some things to consider to make sure you don’t throw your back out in the process.

Save your back

Tips From the Pros for Moving

1. Hire a professional.

One more small plug here before we get onto the good tips :). I’ve often heard people complain about just how much they hate moving, yet they continue to do it themselves. Like painters, movers are incredibly affordable compared to most other labour intensive jobs. This is because there are so many moving companies that the competition is really high.

Consider calling around to get a few quotes before you start the job yourself. You might be surprised at how affordable our rates are!

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2. Use Correct Lifting Techniques

I can’t stress this enough. Using a poor lifting technique is the fastest and most reliable to throw your back out to the point where you can’t move for a week. You’re not 21 anymore (or maybe you are) you probably shouldn’t be attempting the straight leg dead lift with a 150lb box.

Bend your knees, keep your back straight, your head in a neutral position. Keep a wide base and use your legs. For more information you can check out this article from webMD on lifting heavy things correctly.

3. Warm Up and Stretch

As a mover I know that every morning when I go to work there is a chance I could injure myself. I take all the necessary precautions which includes warming up. It may sound silly, but I warm up the same way I would if I were going for a run or going to the lift weights at the gym.

I like to use a foam roller to gently massage blood into my muscles. From there I’ll stretch and correctly warm up my rotator cuffs. My doctor gave me resistance bands several years ago to do simple exercises with that have helped immensely. After the day is done I’ll go home roll around on the roller again and once again stretch. Moving is hard work and treating your body with respect when you do decide to move is very important.

4. Stay Hydrated

One of the quickest and easiest ways to inflict injury is by not being hydrated. Water is the lifeline to your body and when you don’t have enough of it your body will begin to break down. Take this seriously and drink lots of water, not just when you’re moving but all the bloody time. Keep a water bottle at your desk or in the car. Take several breaks throughout the day!

5. Use Tools

Trollies and proper moving trucks are essential to keeping your back in order. I couldn’t image lifting a freezer because I haven’t done so in years. Rent a troll or a cart and use it wisely. These tools can help save you time and they’ll leave you feeling good afterwards as well.

If you insist on doing it yourself, see if you can get a Uhaul. The lower deck and the ramp makes moving a lot easier then say using a friends truck. Yes it’s slightly more expensive but it’ll be worth it every time!

Did I miss any tips on keeping your back in good working order? Contact us to let us know!

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